How to Target Other Artists’ Audiences for Your Spotify Plugging Campaign

We’re still investing a lot of our time and efforts to learn as much as we can about streaming promotions to be able to design the most efficient Spotify campaigns for our clients. The last couple of months have been a wild ride – we’ve been working with artists of different backgrounds and genres, with Spotify presence that’s almost non existent to those who have tens of thousands of monthly listeners, and we want to share even more ideas and conclusions that will certainly help you design a Spotify campaign for your own release. Make sure to have a look at our first article about streaming promotions where we shared 5 things we’ve learned from plugging music to Spotify playlists.

This time our attention goes towards targeting other artists’ audiences on Spotify. Let us start by giving a disclaimer: even though this can be done on Spotify alone, we recommend signing up for either Spot On Track or our current favourite platform, Chartmetric, which are two of the most helpful tools in streaming plugging (if used properly!).

  1. Spotify’s Discovered On

    Paying attention to Spotify’s own tools should be the first thing on your to-do list for a successful campaign. They’re easy to use, efficient and the amount of information you can acquire from them is priceless. Go to your and other artists’ About pages and see, which playlists have been helping them get discovered.

  2. Think big

    As a DIY artist, one of your main goals should be increasing your artist profile’s visibility on Spotify. Make a list of five to ten acts that you sound like and see which playlists they have appeared on (again, this is where Spot On Track and Chartmetric are extremely useful). It will help you determine which themes, keywords, activities you should aim for when looking for playlists to pitch your music. Who knows, maybe people like to do gardening listening to the kind of music you make and there’s of plenty of lists about that?

  3. Focus on the right people

    It’s impossible to mention all kind of tastemakers and curators that you’re going to meet along the way but there’s one certain thing about them all – they’re into music. Whereas the main thing you want from them is to put your song on their successful playlist, talking and getting to know them should be equally important to you, especially in times of crisis when you think there are no other playlists you can submit your music to. Ask the curators what new music they’ve been listening to lately. It will open a sea of possibilities for you, and you will have yet another list of artists to research on Spotify.

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