The Circle of Your Music Brand’s Life: Take Care of Your Online Presence Organically

Online release strategies are a freakishly complex but fascinating subject – and being a DIY act gives you so much creative control and the opportunity to experiment with countless promotional techniques. However, it is easy to forget that it’s always the wider picture that really matters in the long run and your music brand should be taken care of from the inside out – to make sure every little detail of it is planned out and organised accordingly. How your track performs organically with Spotify can be heavily influenced by the number and quality of mentions, features and reviews secured during a release campaign, and vice versa.

Your brand is a living organism

The easiest way to approach your promotional and marketing efforts would be to view your online music brand as a complex, living organism that does well only when all of its needs are being fulfilled. It needs to be fed, loved, understood. Three main factors that can help you keep that organism alive are your social media, digital PR, and streaming strategies. They are three of the biggest dots of your online brand and make up what we like to call online presence, the core of your brand that helps you shape how your followers perceive you before they even hear your music. It’s your responsibility to find and fully understand the correlation between these three things.

Social media: the face of your brand

The most obvious one is your social media strategy. Even if you don’t invest much thought into promotions or streaming, you probably have a Facebook page or a Bandcamp profile that acts as a hub for all things related to your music brand. It’s where you announce new releases and connect with those who want to get regular updates from you. But to keep your socials interesting and your followers engaged, you need to continuously come up with fresh content. And when you feel like posting about the latest single of yours again feels like too much, it’s where digital PR and streaming come in handy and help you keep your feed busy.

…stuff that face with online coverage!

And the truth is, reviews, interviews, mentions of all kinds in online magazines and music blogs not only give you more content to share, but also show your audience that a) there are more and more people interested in what you do, and b) you invest a lot of effort into promoting your work and want to best results for it in order to continuously grow and expand your brand. It’s a closed circle that can function well only when each element works towards building a better future for your music, and your career.

It all comes down to brand consistency

All three components of your online strategy mentioned in this article – digital PR, streaming, social media – need to be taken care of in an organised way and, in return, they will help you make it all even more consistent and intriguing to others. Read one of our previous posts on brand consistency to get even more insight into how you can help your music reach new ears.

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