A Thing or Two on Establishing Long-Term Relationships for DIY Musicians

No matter if you do it alone or work with a freelancer, promotional agency or simply someone whose role is to introduce your music to new or bigger audiences, establishing relationships and gaining people’s trust can be one of the most frustrating aspects of any campaign or project. You usually have only a couple of weeks to introduce your brand to those whose opinion can positively influence your release’s future, which isn’t or doesn’t feel like it’s enough. You’re not the only one who’s a bit too frustrated because of that – and the solution to that problem is to understand how those relationships really work within your media and press circle.

Be creative

These days, having a high-quality release delivered to someone’s inbox simply isn’t enough. Each blogger and music writer that you can think of probably gets sent tons of new music submissions daily, which is why it’s important to stand out in hopes of helping them notice you. Be creative when it comes to all aspects of your music – from sending simple text emails to designing your press kit. Don’t just make it standard. Learn all the rules and then, when you’ve got the boring bit figured out, show your personality through various visual media that will add a personal touch to what you’re trying to push.

Be patient

It can take several months for a journalist to pick up on an artist – we’re speaking from experience here. Don’t be discouraged when someone doesn’t cover your latest single or music video even if they just featured a similar act on their website or blog. Maybe they’re busy, maybe the outlet that they write for has a full schedule or maybe their editor is on annual leave. Instead, introduce yourself to them and ask if you can keep them updated with your news and releases. Try to add a personal note whenever possible, to all follow ups and new conversations. This kind of effort always pays off, even if it’s only exchanging emails for countless weeks or months (and building brand awareness!).

Always have something extra up your sleeve

They cannot premiere your single when you want it but have a different date available? Offer them an acoustic live video that basically can be just a home-made performance of one of your latest or unreleased tracks, produced and delivered in a unique way that reflects your brand and style. Chances are that they will want to cover that, and having a song featured by a music blog you care about is always amazing – even if it’s not the song you wanted them to write about in the first place.

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